Directors Natalie Munson and Deb Arnold established Third Sector Management Solutions as a professional accounting practice which reflects their commitment and passion in the delivery of their specialised accounting and consulting expertise solely to the not for profit sector.

What we do

We have a unique understanding of the complexities of the regulatory and administrative environment that organisations within the Third Sector face, combined with the pressures that can be encountered due to the constraints of funding or member based arrangements.

We can offer you a tailored professional management and accounting service which will value add and contribute to your organisation reaching its strategic goals. Let us handle your accounting so that you can focus on delivering vital services and benefits to the broader community.

Our professional services include everything from bookkeeping and payroll activities to high level financial management, auditing for incorporated associations and non-profit companies, consulting and much more. Learn more >

Third Sector Management offers services that are;

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Natalie Munson CPA

Natalie has worked exclusively in Third Sector in Senior Management, Accounting and Consulting roles for over 15 years, providing high level financial and operational management expertise to a broad range of industries including health, employment services, sports and recreation.

This has provided Natalie with a depth and breadth of knowledge, as well as and strong understanding of this unique and dynamic sector, to be able to add value and support organisations to reach their strategic goals.

These skills and specialised Third Sector knowledge, means Natalie can offer a wide range of solutions for your business whatever your circumstances, from start up, development of effective, efficient and valuable financial systems, through to wind up.

Natalie also has many years’ experience in the financial, operational, tenancy and property management of community housing organisations under Administration. This has enabled her to develop a unique and specialised understanding of the Community Housing and the national regulatory framework.

Her enthusiasm for the Third Sector has only increased with the years of involvement in many unique organisations. Continuing to seek, adapt and apply new technologies and processes to the constantly changing regulatory and reporting Third Sector landscape.

The combination of professional qualifications, specialised sector knowledge and leading edge information delivered in a clear, professional and caring way, enables Natalie to assist organisations find the best possible solution for their accounting needs.


Bachelor of Accounting


Phone Natalie Munson: 0402 319 729

Deb Arnold CPA RCA

Deb brings over 20 years’ experience working as an auditor and accountant within both the Public and Private Sector and exclusively within the Third Sector for the past 10 years. Her positions have included high end Management, Auditing, Senior Accounting and Consultancy roles.

From 100% volunteer run, through to local, national and international organisations, Debs experience as an auditor and management accountant has enhanced her ability to critically evaluate the how and, more importantly, the why, of the results.

These skills alongside specialist Third Sector accounting knowledge, have enabled Deb to assist organisations navigate organisational change and process improvement within the parameters of Constitutional and regulatory frameworks whilst ensuring adherence to statutory and regulatory requirements. Deb works with a view to continuous improvement in financial management and corporate governance processes.

Through the auditing, training and management of community housing organisations under Administration, Deb has an in depth understanding of Community Housing administration, specific audit requirements and the national regulatory framework and reporting requirements.

Debs passion for the Third Sector has spanned decades and has encompassed paid and in excess of 25 years volunteering within the sector. This passion, blended with professional qualifications, specialised sector knowledge and a cooperative and supportive approach enables her to assist organisations find the best possible solution for their accounting needs.


Bachelor of Economics (Accounting)

Graduate Certificate in Management

Registered Company Auditor – Number 450005


Phone Deb Arnold: 0402 701 126

Our clients

Our clients include Friends of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Julia Farr Housing Association, South Australian Science Teachers Association, Sight for All, Adelaide Day Centre for Homeless Persons, Brian Burdekin Clinic Health and Welfare Services and New Internationalist Publications.

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